Webinar: Coronavirus COVID-19 and its effects on supply chain contracts

19 Mar 2020

The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted − and will continue to disrupt − supply chains worldwide. While companies will experience different impacts, stakeholders can take proactive measures not only to minimize the impact but also to provide opportunities.

On Thursday 19 March, DLA Piper will host a client-facing webinar titled Coronavirus COVID-19 and its effects on supply chain contracts. A multinational panel of speakers from DLA Piper will discuss how to navigate the contractual issues caused by supply chain disruption – particularly those due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The webinar is relevant to all those who will be affected by disruption to their supply chain or routes to market as a result of Coronavirus COVID-19. 

To read more about an action plan that companies can implement to make strategic decisions related to potential supply chain disruptions, please follow this link.

If you are based in Denmark or have any queries related to Denmark, you are most welcome to contact Per Vestergaard Pedersen, Christian Benedictsen-Nislev, Henrik Kleis or Henrik Frandsen from DLA Piper Denmark.