We advise e-traders on various issues relating to e-commerce, e.g. marketing and sales promotions, consumer law, the collection and use of data, cookies, the protection of rights, payment instruments and payment systems.


Intellectual Property and Technology

Protection of Rights

We advise enterprises on domain name protection, e.g. when their domain name or trade name is being exploited by other enterprises, and we also assist in case of copyright infringement in connection with the illegal copying of the enterprise’s website content by others. We also advise on the use by others of the enterprise’s trademarks or other features as Google AdWords or other infringements of the enterprise’s rights.


We advise on marketing law, e.g. the rules on sales promotions, such as competitions and gifts, direct communications to customers, and the collection and use of customer data by e-traders to optimise their marketing activities, including behavioural targeting. We also assist e-traders in connection with their use of social media, newsletters and other means of communication with existing and potential customers, and we advise enterprises on how to conduct cross-border e-commerce.

Consumer Legislation

Danish consumer legislation contains many consumer protection rules which must be observed by e-traders, e.g. rules on information requirements, right of cancellation and returning of goods. We advise e-traders on how best to structure their website, terms of sale and delivery and buying process to ensure compliance with the rules and to avoid misunderstandings and surprises in relation to their customers.