How may we help you?

Our offices are situated in the centres of Copenhagen and Aarhus, and we make a point of being available whether you come in person or contact us by email or phone. Below, you will find our information details. 



Our office in Aarhus is situated at Dokk1 by the habour.

Guest parking

Guest parking is available in the underground parking facility.

  • Drive your car to one of the transfer cabins and collect a parking ticket.
  • Please note that, if your car weighs more than 2,500 kg or is more than 5.25 metres long, it will not fit into the transfer cabins and you should instead contact the parking desk to be allocated a parking space.
  • You will receive a voucher at our front desk to use for payment when you leave.

There is access to DLA Piper at level 3. Next to the guest lifts at level 0 you will find an intercom system for the enterprises at level 3. Please note that there is no access to level 3 from the library main entrance at level 1. Press the button for DLA Piper to speak to one of our receptionists, who will release a lift for you. Take the first available lift. At level 3, you will be greeted by one of our receptionists.


Our Copenhagen office is situated at Raadhuspladsen right opposite the City Hall.

Transport and guest parking

We have guest parking facilities in the car park in Jernbanegade opposite the Dagmar Cinema. A parking permit is provided at our front desk. Furthermore, our office is located very close to the metro, 10 minutes' walk from the Copenhagen Central Station and only 5 minutes' walk from Vesterport Station. There is also a bus stop serving several bus lines near our main entrance.