We have a track record of first-rate legal services in all segments of the infrastructure and energy sectors. Our lawyers advise on energy law, infrastructure finance, transport matters and more.

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Energy and Infrastructure

Energy and infrastructure are essential core areas which affect our everyday life and our globe. Based on comprehensive industry knowledge, we can contribute to successful preparation, implementation and management of projects in connection with transfers, financing and establishment of energy and infrastructure projects, etc.

Equipped for the job

We have in-depth knowledge of all factors which affect the energy and infrastructure sectors, including:

  • Commercial factors
  • Strategic factors
  • Technical elements
  • Geographical conditions
  • Political factors

In addition, our lawyers understand the business issues and risks inherent when working in these sectors. As a unique feature, our presence in a large number of countries allows us first-hand access to contacts, employer's consultants and key decision makers worldwide who can support our advisors and thus also our clients.

How can we assist you?

Our highly skilled energy and infrastructure team advises both public sector and privately owned players in these sectors. We advise oil and gas companies as well as power, heating, water supply, wastewater and waste management companies. Not surprisingly, investments in renewable energy such as wind farms, biogas plants, solar farms and geothermal plants increasingly form part of our legal services.

We are also experienced in providing legal advice in the following areas:

  • Power and Transmission
  • Infrastructure Finance
  • Defence
  • Public Private Partnerships and PFI
  • Oil and Gas
  • Social Infrastructure
  • Shipping and Transport
  • Water and Waste
  • Renewables

Developments in the energy sector

Recent years have seen a number of changes in the energy sector such as increased deregulation and stricter requirements for the separation of activities and energy efficiency. In this connection, we have advised on a large part of the restructurings that have taken place in the energy sector. We have also been a natural partner in mergers, strategic partnerships and divestments/acquisitions in the subsequent consolidation process.

It is essential for us to keep close track of any regulatory changes affecting the energy and infrastructure sectors. We have advised government authorities on the pros and cons of new regulatory initiatives, and we have an ongoing dialogue with the respective ministries and agencies concerning specific projects, cases and regulatory adjustments. The special knowledge that we have obtained in the process will obviously benefit our clients.

Furthermore, we advise on all relevant regulatory matters as well as dispute resolution whether through the courts or by arbitration.

Infrastructure and public investments

Since Public Private Partnerships began to gain ground with the government's action plans from 2001 and 2004, we have built unique and extensive PPP/PPC expertise, including expertise on ESCOs. We have advised on basically all PPP projects that have been carried out in Denmark.