Information on coronavirus COVID-19

Guidance on legal issues relating to coronavirus COVID-19

The outbreak and spread of coronavirus COVID-19 have caused a public health crisis of global significance. The disease has severe ramifications for the general public, health systems, societies and economies in many countries throughout the world. Moreover, coronavirus COVID-19 has a huge negative impact on the business sector as well as employees involved in national and international production, trade, transport and logistics, travel, tourism, hospitality, live-entertainment events and many other commercial activities.

DLA Piper provides advice and support to affected businesses, authorities and others across the world, including in the more than 40 countries where DLA Piper is present.

DLA Piper will be publishing articles with guidance on the legal as well as other practical aspects relating to coronavirus COVID-19 and its impact.

If you have any questions relating to the impact of COVID-19, please contact us:

Nina Wedsted and Michael Klejs

Corporate M&A (including company law, corporate governance and commercial contracts):
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Energy and Infrastructure:
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Real Estate:
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Insolvency and Restructuring:
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International Trade, Regulatory and Government Affairs:
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Intellectual Property and Technology:
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Litigation, Arbitration and Investigations:
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