Government relief packages relating to COVID-19 - an overview

23 Apr 2020

Together with the Danish Parliament, the Government has initiated a number of relief packages to provide support for businesses and citizens in getting through the COVID-19 crisis without deep losses. The packages are to provide economic relief in different situations and are subject to different terms. Businesses may make use of more than one relief package. It is, however, not possible to obtain compensation for a loss more than once.

The relief packages have been made available in great haste. According to the Government, the packages will not run dry - however, certain conditions and procedures apply as to the compliance and documentation in connection with the use of packages.

The presentation below presents an overview of the relief packages that have been announced. The overview will be updated from time to time with new initiatives and relief packages as well as new information on the different relief packages concurrently with the passing of these packages by the Danish Parliament.

Updated 28 April 2020